Belize Adventure Tours

TripAdvisor: Add Belize to Your Adventure Destination Bucket List

Global travel site TripAdvisor has listed Belize in its 2019 World’s Top Spots for Adventure Travel report. The report says, “Belize has plenty of outdoor adventure to get you out of your comfort zone.” Belize is Filled With Thrills It’s easy to see why Belize is a natural destination for all adventure junkies. This small, unspoiled country […]

belize group travel

Belize Group Travel and Tours

Trying to plan a vacation or getaway for a large group of people can often be something of a challenge. The process of booking interesting tours, arranging shuttles accommodation, and ensuring that all ground transfers are pre-planned can be very time-consuming. Luckily, if you are planning a group trip to Belize, help is on hand. […]