5 Best Places See in Belize This Summer

5 Best Places See in Belize This Summer

Ever wonder why so many people take a pass on visiting Belize in summer? Look closer and you’ll see big grins on their faces. They’re hiding a secret: Summer is the best time to go for practical reasons (fewer crowds; lower prices; more value for your dollar), so pay no attention to those who want […]

Discover One of Belize’s Best-Kept Secrets: Hopkins

If you’ve built an impressive reputation for sleuthing out small, little-known but idyllic destinations in places off the beaten path, add Hopkins Belize to your list. But keep it to yourself so this little corner of the earth isn’t overrun by humanity, forcing you to begin your search for tranquility anew! Since the village is […]

Belize Shuttle to Dangriga

Are you interested in enjoying a wonderful vacation in Dangriga, Belize? One of the best ways to get there is with a shuttle from Untame Belize. Dangriga is Belize’s cultural capital, a thriving coastal town in southeastern Belize where indigenous musical styles like punta and punta rock were born. Primarily an ethnic Garifuna town, Dangriga […]

Getting to Hopkins from Belize City

Getting to Hopkins from Belize City or the Belize International Airport

The village of Hopkins is a popular destination for visitors because of its fabulously beautiful beaches and picturesque setting on the Caribbean coast. If you’re heading to Hopkins on your vacation, you’ll likely be landing at the Philip Goldson Airport just a few miles north of Belize City. From the airport, you have several options […]

davis falls belize

Explore Davis Falls on an ATV

One of the most beautiful and exciting natural attractions in Belize is Davis Falls. Located in the southeastern Stann Creek District, Davis Falls is the second-tallest waterfall in Belize. Cascading more than 500 feet (150 meters) to a deep, 75-foot (23-meter) pool below ideal for swimming and cooling off on a hot day, Davis Falls is located in the heart of a pristine jungle landscape. […]

Belize With Kids

Best Things to Do in Belize with Kids

Whether your little ones are just out of diapers or older teens, there are lots of amazing activities to do and sights to see in Belize for your whole family. Belize is a peaceful, democratic, and English-speaking nation located just south of Mexico on the shores of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. About the same size […]

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Untame Belize Tour & Travel Agency: We Love Showing Off Our Homeland!

It’s sad but true: Travelers often become so involved planning their vacations that they forget or fail to understand the importance of the right transportation company when making arrangements. This is especially important for first-time visitors whose transport and tour experiences can mean the difference between a vacation filled with memories and nightmare stories shared […]