Best Adventures you can do from Placencia and Hopkins Village, Belize

Belize has many vacation destinations, however Placencia and Hopkins Village located on the southern part of the country are among the top tourists attractions for their location. Both Placencia and Hopkins Village are located on the coastline/mountainous area of Belize, therefore they provide incredible beaches, island getaways and some of the best jungle adventures in […]

8 Family-Friendly activities to do in Belize

If you’re planning a family-friendly vacation, the Central American country of Belize is the perfect destination. Belize has so much beautiful, amazing and unique destinations to offer families; from incredible rainforest, Maya ruins, cave expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef. As such, here’s 8 awesome activities Untame Belize recommends to do with your family in […]

3 fascinating adventures you can do in ONE day in Southern Belize!

Beside its charming beaches, Southern Belize is known for creating unforgettable adventures in the jungle. One of the prime destinations where you can enjoy up to 3 or more fascinating adventures for the day is Mayan Sky Canopy Tour Site. Located in Belize, Stann Creek District, Mayan Sky Canopy Tour has become one of most […]