The Placencia Lobsterfest

One of the biggest events of the year is set to take place in Placencia, Belize this summer. Running from June 22-24, 2018, the coastal village of Placencia will host the 18th annual Lobsterfest, a three-day celebration of the world’s favorite edible crustacean. Lobsterfest in Placencia is a giant, three-day beach party that includes live music, […]

Your Vacation of a Lifetime is Waiting in Belize!

No matter how you try to describe the natural beauty of Belize, words just can’t do it justice. Belize is a true slice of paradise, a land where hummingbirds and monkeys far outnumber cars, fast food joints, and shopping malls. Belize is located on the mainland of Central America, but it also has more than 100 offshore islands. People […]

what to do in belize

What To Do in Belize: Jungle, Wildlife, and Adventure!

What to do in Belize Belize may be smaller than the American state of Vermont, but it is packed full of amazing nature that is perfect for enjoying an exciting adventure vacation. More than half of Belize‘s mainland is composed of pristine rainforest and tropical rainforest, home to a staggering 500 different species of birds and over […]

Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Belize

Many people hop on the plane to Belize with little more than a swimsuit and a passport. Although Belize is an amazing place to visit, it’s a really good idea to make sure that you’re prepared ahead of time so that you can truly make the most of your visit. Here are a few things […]

Bocawina Zip Lining & Waterfall Rappelling

Zip Lining in Belize One of the most beautiful areas in Belize is the Mayflower Bocawina Park. Located in southern Belize, this national park has more than 11 square miles of pristine jungle, unexcavated Maya ruins, and beautiful rivers and waterfalls. If you’re in the mood for adventure, the Mayflower Bocawina Park has plenty of […]

Discover the Wonders of Southern Belize

Belize is a gorgeous, untamed country brimming with exotic wildlife and flowering plants. One of the best places to experience pristine nature at its finest is in southern Belize. The two southernmost districts (equivalent to a state or province) in Belize are Stann Creek and Toledo. Once far off the beaten path, today, they are […]

Top 6 Reasons To Book Your Belize Shuttle Services & Transfers with Untame

Untame Belize is a locally-owned and operated company that specializes in shuttle and private ground transfers to and from anywhere in Belize. If you’re arriving in Belize and are looking for affordable, reliable, and professional ground transportation to Belize City, Belmopan, Dangriga, Placencia, San Ignacio, Orange Walk, Corozal, or any other destination in the country, […]

Private Luxury Transfers & Shuttles in Belize

Belize Luxury Transfers and Shuttles with Untame Belize Belize is a beautiful country full of unspoiled nature and exciting things to see and do. The best way to get to your destination after you arrive at the airport is with Untame Belize’s private luxury shuttle service. Untame Belize will meet you with a luxury minivan equipped with every modern […]

12 Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Belize’s Barrier Reef

It’s one thing to visit it. It’s another to understand the amazing aspects of the Belize Barrier Reef that might easily be named one of the Great Wonders of the World, if a modern-day list was compiled. Test your knowledge. See how many of these facts associated with Belize’s Barrier Reef you already knew. And […]

Placencia Belize – What You Need to Know Before You Visit

Placencia is a small village that can be found on a narrow peninsula in southern Belize. The southernmost mile of the peninsula is a beachfront paradise that offers a breathtaking view of the enchanting cayes and the immensely beautiful barrier reef. Whether you are staying a while or just passing through, Placencia has some unique […]