Maya Ruins in Belize

Maya Ruins in Belize – 5 Archaeological Sites to Visit

Maya Ruins in Belize Belize has more ancient Maya sites than any other country on the planet, which is why every visitor to Belize should definitely visit one of these architectural wonders. If you’re coming to Belize to visit ancient Maya ruins, here are five sites you should definitely visit: Cahal Pech Located just across […]

Belize Cave Tours

How to Book the Best Belize Cave Tours

Belize is a relatively small country, but its unique geology and limestone foundation means that there are vast networks of interesting caves to explore, including mysterious underground labyrinths that were once used by ancient Maya priests to conduct solemn rituals. Here are some of the most interesting caves you can visit in Belize: ATM Cave  […]

Maya Ruins of Southern Belize

The Mysterious Maya Ruins of Southern Belize

For lovers of ancient history and the advanced Maya culture, Belize is a treasure trove of both large and small sites, many of which lay undiscovered for more than 1,000 years. Visitors are often astonished that such large ancient cities could have remained undetected for so long, but they are located in the middle of […]

Visit Belize in the Fall

The weather might be taking a turn for the worst across North America, but fall is definitely a great time to visit Belize. Unlike the United States or Canada which experience a long, cold autumn and winter season, Belize continues to enjoy warm weather and long sunny days. In October, for instance, when most of […]

ATM Cave in Belize

Touring the ATM Cave in Belize

If you’re looking for paradise, you’ll find it in Belize and if you require a tour company to ensure your trip is a good one then consider Untame Belize, one of the nation’s premier, licensed tour companies equipped to arrange cultural experiences, hiking, zip-lining, river cruises, tours to ancient Maya cities and sacred caves, and […]

ATV Tours Belize

Belize is a land of wild, untrammeled beauty, its jungles and rainforests teeming with a cornucopia of exotic wildlife. And one of the best ways to explore these lush natural environments is with an ATV tour. ATVs or All-Terrain Vehicles are tough, four-wheel vehicles that can easily navigate the rugged terrain of Belize. Far from […]

5 Belize Tours You Can Enjoy on Your Vacation

Belize is a small country, but it is jam-packed with exciting things to do and see. Here are just a few of the amazing tours you can enjoy on your vacation in Belize ATM Cave In the local Mayan dialect, the name Actun Tunichil Muknal means the Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre. Better known as […]

The Placencia Lobsterfest

One of the biggest events of the year is set to take place in Placencia, Belize this summer. Running from June 22-24, 2018, the coastal village of Placencia will host the 18th annual Lobsterfest, a three-day celebration of the world’s favorite edible crustacean. Lobsterfest in Placencia is a giant, three-day beach party that includes live music, […]

Your Vacation of a Lifetime is Waiting in Belize!

No matter how you try to describe the natural beauty of Belize, words just can’t do it justice. Belize is a true slice of paradise, a land where hummingbirds and monkeys far outnumber cars, fast food joints, and shopping malls. Belize is located on the mainland of Central America, but it also has more than 100 offshore islands. People […]

what to do in belize

What To Do in Belize: Jungle, Wildlife, and Adventure!

What to do in Belize Belize may be smaller than the American state of Vermont, but it is packed full of amazing nature that is perfect for enjoying an exciting adventure vacation. More than half of Belize‘s mainland is composed of pristine rainforest and tropical rainforest, home to a staggering 500 different species of birds and over […]