What to do in Southern Belize

Explore the Wild Beauty of Southern Belize

The Toledo District of Belize is sometimes called “the forgotten land,” but this wild, pristine region of southern Belize offers something special to adventurous travelers. Unspoiled Beauty The southern part of Belize is home to seven major national parks, marine reserves and other areas dedicated to protecting the wildlife, native vegetation, fish and marine mammals […]

Belize Shuttle Services

Belize Transportation Made Easy With Untame Belize

Once you arrive in Belize, you need a way to get around the country to ensure you see all the sights. What’s the best way to get from point A to point B? There are various options depending on where you’re staying, but most experienced travelers to Belize will tell you that a private shuttle […]

Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize

Celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize

Get ready to celebrate Belize’s amazing cultural diversity by joining us for Garifuna Settlement Day in November. Dance, Dine and Party All Week Garifuna Settlement Day is a week-long celebration of the Garifuna people’s arrival in Belize. This is one of Belize’s largest and most important celebrations. It pays tribute to a proud, traditional culture […]

scuba diving in placencia belize

Scuba Diving in Placencia Belize

One of the top things to do in Belize is scuba diving, and Placencia is one of the best places in Belize to do this. The majority of divers go right to the Atolls and Cayes in Belize, but the more knowledgeable ones also leave room for a visit to Placencia. In this section of […]

Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve Night Hike & Jaguar Spotting in Belize

Cocksomb Basin Night Hike and Jaguar Spotting

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the world’s first and only jaguar preserve. This spectacular preserve includes over 125,000 acres of pristine rainforest that jaguars, pumas, ocelots, kinkajous, coatimundis and almost 300 species of birds call home. If you think the sanctuary is amazing in the daytime, imagine how spectacular it is at night. That’s when […]

Going Swimming With Whale Sharks In Belize

Going Swimming With Whale Sharks In Belize

Are you ready for a breathtaking snorkeling or diving experience? Don’t miss the chance to swim with whale sharks in Belize. What Are Whale Sharks? Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea. Adults can grow up to 40 feet long and weigh 100 tons. These massive marine beasts live many years, and those […]

silk cayes belize

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving the Silk Cayes of Belize

The Silk Cayes are a tangible version of the sort of tropical island paradise people concoct in their minds. Found along the outer rim of the world’s second largest barrier reef, the Belize Barrier Reef, the Silk Cayes are a trio of uninhabited sandy islands formed over coral reef, known more formally as the Silk […]

belize blue hole

Taking a Scenic Flight Over the Great Blue Hole of Belize

Looking for something unique and thrilling to do on your trip to Belize? Consider taking a scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole in the waters off Belize. The oceanic sinkhole can only be truly appreciated from overhead in an airplane.What Is The Great Blue Hole of Belize?Appearing as a big blue hole in the […]

laughing bird caye

Visit Laughing Bird Caye on Your Placencia Belize Vacation

Laughing Bird Caye gets its name from its previous role as nesting grounds for the laughing seagulls that were local to the area. The area is technically a “faro,” a stretch or coral containing a lagoon at its core, less than 2 acres in size and located roughly 11 miles away from the coastline of […]

Spot Beautiful Scarlet Macaws in Red Bank Village, Belize

Spot Beautiful Scarlet Macaws in Red Bank Village, Belize

One of the most colorful and endangered members of the colorful parrot family, the scarlet macaw was first described by naturalist Carl Linnaeus in 1758. Still a favorite among birdwatchers, they are now an endangered species. From December to March every year, they migrate from their breeding area in the Mayan mountains to Red Bank […]