Top Adrenaline Rush Adventures to do in Belize

Vacationing is that period that you get to relax, reconnect with yourself, and enjoy every moment of leisure time you have with whatever makes you outmost happy. However, during all vacations, you always need that adrenaline rush moment that will be unforgettable even after you return to your normal life. Therefore, if you feel like […]

Top Social Distancing and Best Resorts to Vacation in Southern Belize.

The Southern part of Belize is known to be one of the prime vacation areas in the country. As here you can not only enjoy some of the best beaches in the world but also lush rainforest, amazing waterfalls, and Unbelizable adventures. However, the top two destinations to vacation in Southern Belize are Hopkins Village […]

Top Social Distancing Tours to do in Southern Belize

With social distancing looking to be the new normal in our lives due to the recent outbreak of the newly COVID-19 virus we must finds ways to adopt to it. However, there’s no need for social distancing to spoil your vacation plans to Belize as here in the country we have various tours and destinations […]

8 Family-Friendly activities to do in Belize

If you’re planning a family-friendly vacation, the Central American country of Belize is the perfect destination. Belize has so much beautiful, amazing and unique destinations to offer families; from incredible rainforest, Maya ruins, cave expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef. As such, here’s 8 awesome activities Untame Belize recommends to do with your family in […]

Tour the ATM Cave from Hopkins Belize

How to Tour the ATM Cave from Hopkins, Belize

If you’re staying in Hopkins, you’re in the perfect location to tour the famous Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave. Set aside a full day for this outing. You’ll spend the day deep in exploration of Belize’s jungles, wildlife, and history as you tour this legendary cave. This is a very popular tour that fills up […]

Maya Culture Tours in Belize

Experience Maya Culture in Southern Belize

Many visitors to Belize mistakenly believe the Maya culture which built the pyramids, palaces, and temples that dot the landscape no longer exists. Not true! The Maya are the original inhabitants of Belize, and their culture continues to play an important role in modern-day Belizean society. Most of the Maya people in Belize live in […]

Belize Cave Tours

How to Book the Best Belize Cave Tours

Belize is a relatively small country, but its unique geology and limestone foundation means that there are vast networks of interesting caves to explore, including mysterious underground labyrinths that were once used by ancient Maya priests to conduct solemn rituals. Here are some of the most interesting caves you can visit in Belize: ATM Cave  […]

Belize Tours: Adventure, Luxury, Small Group Travel

Belize is a small country in Central America that is renowned for its beautiful nature and exotic wildlife. Recently included on Fodor’s Go list for 2018, Belize is also the epicenter of the ancient Maya culture, having more pyramids, palaces, and ceremonial caves than anywhere else on Earth. Easily reachable in just 2-5 hours’ flying […]

Belize Shuttle Services

Belize Shuttle Services with Untame Belize

Belize Shuttle Services Untame Belize specializes in providing transportation services for visitors so that they can comfortably, reliably, and affordably reach any destination in the country. Our transportation services include: Belize Shuttles and Ground Transfers We are happy to pick up individual and groups wanting to travel to any destination in the country. Untame Belize’s […]