Cruise ships are increasingly making ports of call in Belize due to the country’s fantastically beautiful nature and lush, unspoiled scenery. If you’re a cruise ship passenger arriving at Harvest Caye, why not choose to enjoy a private tour? Instead of cramming aboard a bus with your fellow passengers, a private tour allows you to see the most amazing sights and enjoy unforgettable adventures in the country nicknamed “The Jewel.”

Untame Belize offers a wide range of private tours for cruise ship passengers, including:

ATV Tours

Belize is a ruggedly beautiful country, but some of the most amazing sights can’t be reached by road. That’s why Untame Belize offers unique ATV tours that include a stop at a teak plantation, a tour of an abandoned prison deep in the jungle, and a refreshing swim in the pristine North Stann Creek River.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Measuring more than 150 square miles (400 sq. km) in size, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is an incredibly beautiful natural area near the Placencia Peninsula. Home to the world’s only jaguar conservation site, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a wonderland of waterfalls, rainforest, flowering plants, butterflies, and exotic wildlife such as monkeys, tapirs, giant iguanas, and all five indigenous big cat species.

Garifuna Tour

Belize Garifuna Cultural TourThe Garifuna were originally enslaved Africans brought to the Caribbean by the British to harvest sugarcane. After intermarrying with local islanders, the Garifuna rose up in rebellion and were forced to flee, ultimately settling on the shores of Belize more than 200 years ago.

Today, the Garifuna have been recognized by the United Nations for their unique language, food, dance, and music. Untame Belize‘s Garifuna tours lets you learn more about Garifuna culture, try your hand at making traditional foods, and enjoy drumming and musical performances.

Maya Cultural Tour

Belize Maya Cultural ToursThe ancient Maya who built all of the towering pyramids and palaces that dot the landscape of Belize did not die out following the arrival of the Europeans. Today, their descendants still live in a very traditional way, using their expert knowledge of the jungle to grow their own food and make their own furniture, clothing, and medicinal compounds.

This tour allows you to learn more about this ancient, self-sustaining culture as well as make traditional Maya foods like chocolate and corn tortillas.

If you’d like to enjoy one of these private tours for your time in Belize, contact Untame Belize today.