getting to cancun mexico to belize city or belize

Cancun has long been one of the most popular party destinations for travelers from abroad, but Belize is rapidly becoming a tantalizing alternative. This small Central American country offers it all. Scenic beaches and lush jungles can be reached in the same day, and there’s an abundance of outdoor activities like zip lining and scuba diving as well as major metropolises brimming with a wealth of vibrant and welcoming cultures. If you’re looking to flee the tourist traps of Cancun and see what Belize has to offer, Untame Belize is ready to assist.

Getting From Cancun to Belize By Car

One of the cheaper options on the surface, the overland route from Cancun to Corozal – the closest town in Belize – is roughly 300 miles. But you have to take into consideration the cost of gas, mileage, and rental car fees. Then there’s the fact that you’ll likely have to find a place to stay since most people will have to make it an overnight trip. The major landmarks of Belize are easy to reach without having to rely on a rental, so you may want to consider the associated costs closely.

Getting From Cancun to Belize By Air

If you have the money for it, a flight from Cancun International Airport to Belize City International Airport is the most direct path to take. But it’s significantly pricier than overland routes. A ticket will cost you hundreds of dollars, but you should land at your destination in under an hour. If you plan on flying to Belize’s capital, your best option is Tropic Air. They offer at least one flight every day.

Getting From Cancun to Belize By Public Bus

For a fraction of the price you’d pay to fly to Belize City you can reach the country by bus. The ADO overnight bus can take you from the Cancun terminal to Belize for about fifty bucks, but it only leaves once a day at 10:30 PM, and it often gets booked quickly. And since you can’t book your trip in advance, that means you’ll want to arrive hours ahead of time to secure your seat. The public buses are a fairly efficient and inexpensive method for reaching Belize, but they aren’t the most comfortable option, and chances are good that you’ll have to take multiple transfers to reach the part of Belize you want.

Getting from Cancun to Belize By Shuttle

Untame Belize offers shuttle services that can take you directly from the Cancun Airport to Belize City. Our shuttles are incredibly modern and well maintained and offer conveniences and amenities like reliable air conditioning and wi-fi connections. We also offer more convenient departure times than the more conventional overnight bus. Untame Belize’s shuttle services are reasonably priced. You can expect a shuttle trip to Belize City to take about seven hours: a significant advantage over the non-direct bus routes. We can also provide you with shuttle services if you decide to take a plane in to Belize International Airport.


“This year, we booked a full, seven-day vacation in Belize because we wanted to see all the sights. But since we weren’t really sure about driving, especially to rural areas with bad roads, we decided to go with Untame Belize for all the getting around Belize part. What a great choice! Our driver, Rodwell, told us about a couple of cool hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and the service was excellent. I know Belize is a laidback Caribbean kind of place, so it was very nice to get punctual and reliable service. The roads might’ve been a bit bumpy at times, but we were in good hands. I’m so glad we chose Untame for our Belize transportation needs.”

-Mollie Adams, Matthews, North Carolina

“At first, we were going to fly domestically to all the places we wanted to visit in Belize, but it was just too darn expensive. Luckily, we found out that Belize transfers are way cheaper. Turned out that it was much more comfortable too! Instead of cramming into a tiny cropduster plane, we got to relax in style as Untame Belize shuttles took us everywhere we wanted to go. Nothing beats the sights out the window, either, and the air conditioning kept us nice and cool. Plus, there was room for all our luggage, and believe me, we brought way too many suitcases. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Untame Belize shuttles and transfers. Punctual, affordable, and did everything they promised with no fuss.”

-Anthony Warner, Norristown, Pennsylvania

“After booking our flight to Belize, my wife asked me how we were going to get around. I then started looking into Belize airport shuttles because our AirBNB was way in the country, and I wasn’t sure if I was up to driving in such rough terrain. Luckily, Untame Belize transportation services were offering everything we needed. They picked us up right on time, knew exactly where to go, and my wife and kids absolutely loved looking at all the scenery en route. We also got some local tips on a seafood restaurant that serves up amazing grilled fish caught that same day. Can’t thank Untame enough for being such a reliable and affordable service. We even booked one of those ATV trips in the jungle when we heard about it from our driver. We had a great time on our vacation and never worried for a second about getting around thanks to Untame Belize.”

-Denny Hodge, Warrensburg, Missouri