Getting to Dangriga from Belize City or Belize International Airport

Dangriga is one of the most under-looked towns in Belize, and that’s a real shame. Dangriga is widely regarded as both the cultural capital of the country and the spiritual home for the local Garifuna people. While Belize in a whole is a culturally diverse country, anyone who visits should take the time to meet this native ethnic group. With a culture and lifestyle that blends together a variety of different colonial influences, there’s no one quite like them in the rest of the world, and they tend to be universally friendly to visitors from abroad.

If you’re just arriving in Belize, chances are good that you’re touching ground in Belize City. Fortunately, making your way from Belize City to Dangriga is a pretty straightforward and painless affair. There are multiple routes you can take to get to the fishing town of Dangriga. We’re here to guide you through them.

Getting to Dangriga By Air

Both of Belize’s domestic carriers offer regular daily flights to Dangriga. It’s easily the quickest way to travel, as you can reach Dangriga in approximately twenty minutes. That said, it’s also the most expensive method. By shopping for both Tropic Air and Maya Island Air flights, you can research your options and find the best pricing. Flights leave from both Sir Barry Bowen Airport and the Belize International Airport. Each of these flights offer roughly half a dozen flights during the day, and they’re conveniently scheduled in conjunction with their international flights, so you should be able to reach Dangriga without having to worry about an exceedingly long layover.

Getting to Dangriga By Bus

If you absolutely have to get the cheapest route from Belize City to Dangriga, there are plenty of public buses that make the journey. Just keep in mind that it may be more trouble than its worth. The public transit, also known as “chicken buses” take significantly longer than other land travel routes because of the multiple stops, and the fact that they can become very crowded means that carrying luggage with you may be infeasible.

Getting to Dangriga By Sea

It may be possible to reach Dangriga by boat, but you’ll want to be diligent with your research. There are no regular water taxi services that run from Belize City to Dangriga, but it may be possible to charter a boat if you plan your trip significantly in advance. That said, it’s not a particularly sensible choice, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the Caribbean Sea once you arrive in Dangriga.

Getting to Dangriga By Car

You can rent a car from the Belize City Airport, and once you get on the road, the path to Dangriga is pretty simple. All you have to do is get on the George Price Highway (Western Highway) towards Balmopan and then turn right onto Hummingbird Highway. This major thoroughfare cuts straight through Dangriga. Taking a car allows you to go your own pace and stop to enjoy the sites, but maintaining a rental car can quickly become expensive, and you can comfortably get around Dangriga without the need for a car.

Getting to Dangriga By Shuttle

Traditional taxis from Belize City to Dangriga are prohibitively expensive, but Untame Belize offers a number of comfortable and affordable shuttle services that allow you to kick back, relax, and enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside in the entirety of Belize. Our private and shared shuttles are built with travelers in mind, so you’ll have plenty of space to store your luggage during the trip.

Whatever your reason for visiting Dangriga, Untame Belize is available to assist you. We can help you arrange for shuttle services to Dangriga and the Stann Creek District, but we also offer a variety of tours and expeditions once you arrive.


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