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Calling all foodies! Let’s head to Hopkins! The village in Belize that is home to the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people. The tour begins with our guest donning traditional Garifuna clothing. We then learn about life in the village as we gather and prepare a traditional favorite, Hudut: a coconut & fish stew. After enjoying the lunch you helped prepare, immerse yourself in the music with a local Garifuna drummer.

Tours are based on a minimum of 2 persons. If you are traveling solo, please contact us for a special rate.



Belize Garifuna Cultural Tour

The Garifuna make up just 8% of Belize’s population, but their unique culture has been recognized by the United Nation for its language, music, and dance. Originally from the island of St. Vincent, the Garifuna are a mixture of enslaved Africans who intermarried with indigenous islanders. After a failed uprising against the British, the Garifuna fled to the shores of Belize.

This tour takes participants to the village of Hopkins situated on the beautiful Caribbean coast of southeastern Belize. Participants will don traditional Garifuna clothing while learning about life in this traditional village and the history of the Garifuna people.

Participants will also work together to gather the ingredients and then cook a traditional Garifuna dish known as hudut. Hudut is the Garifuna variant of a coconut fish stew, cooking local fish in a creamy coconut milk mixture and then served with a side of delicious boiled plantains.

Following the meal, participants will enjoy a performance of Garifuna drumming and then learn to play several traditional Garifuna rhythms.

Difficulty level – Easy

What to Bring – Camera, Insect repellant, Sunscreen

Time: 8:00am – 3:00pm

Cost: USD $150 per person (Leaving Placencia – ask about rates for Hopkins)


  1. Chante Goodall

    Untame Belize had professional and knowledgeable guides who informed us about Belizean history while on the bus ride, while touring the caves, and while viewing the Mayan ruins. What an awesome experience!

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