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The UnBelizeable Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw

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Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing

Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw!

When on vacation, you are always looking forward to extraordinary adventures that will be unforgettable even after you've resume your normal life. In Belize, we are bestowed with having so many beautiful sites that provide indescribable experiences and views. One of those mystical adventures that one must do when vacationing in Belize is Ziplining & cave tubing at Jaguar Paw.

Jaguar Paw is a beautiful, pristine natural area located near Belmopan in Belize. Located less than an hour’s drive from Belize City, the Jaguar Paw area contains a section of the rainforest as well as a deep cave with an underground creek running through it. If you’re driving from southern Belize to Jaguar paw then you are able to drive through the most scenic highway in the country, the Hummingbird Highway.

 Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw

Firstly, you begin your Belize adventurous day with Zipline. For over almost one hour, you get to launch yourselves into the air with the zipline sturdy metal cables, sailing at high speed through the rainforest, giving you a bird’s eye view of the plants and animals that call the canopy home.

 Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw
 Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw

After much adrenaline rush, it is time to cool off with the cave tubing adventure.  As you hike to the cave, your guide will tell you more about the flora and fauna in the area as you cross various rivers where you can take a refreshing plunge. You’ll also hear about Xibalba (pronounced she-bal-ba) and how the Maya believed caves served as the entrance to the underworld of the afterlife.

 Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw
 Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw
 Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw

Eventually, you reach a tunnel that leads to the underground world. Once inside, the light from the headlamps will reveal a lost world of sparkling stalactites and stalagmites. Floating through this subterranean world is a great way to relax as well as enjoy the beauty and wonder of the complex cave formations. Impressive stalagmites and stalactites and crystalline formations give these caves an otherworldly appearance.

 Ziplining & Cave Tubing tour at Jaguar Paw

The journey through the caves ends with a free float on the open river after you exit the cave. The water in this river is so beautiful and looks magical that you will have to dip your fingers to make sure you’re not in a Disney world. feels like you're floating on water.

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